Melick’s Internet Search Engine Optimization Strategies

By | April 29, 2014

We offer many Tips, Secrets and Strategies to help you increase the level of success that can be achieved by promoting your Internet Business and Website.

Our marketing plans and strategies are exclusively designed to cater for your business plans and are guaranteed to work!

We will take your “back of the envelope” ideas and show you how to turn them into reality.

Our internet marketing program includes a unique submission process that will GUARANTEE you TOP 20 Positions on the Internet’s Major Search Engines. Now, YOU CAN “RENT” TOP 20 POSITIONS on Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, MSN, AOL Search, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Snap, Lycos and Netscape.
Just like owning a retail store, location is everything. But, with our internet marketing Guarantee, YOU DONT PAY UNTIL YOU MOVE IN. That’s right! You will not pay any “rent” until your website is in a Top 20 position.

Submission alone can get you a backstreet location. Our internet marketing experts put you on Main Street. Your site will be in front of millions of potential customers. Banner advertising, which costs a minimum of $2500.00 a month, is a far less effective method of internet marketing than renting a Top 20 search engine position through our internet marketing program.


Millions of your potential customers use Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, MSN, AOL Search, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Snap, Lycos and Netscape everyday. You need to be in the Top 20 positions on those sites for those people to find you and to insure your success on the web today. Our internet marketing techniques will put you there.

Some submission services charge over $5,000 up front for a Top 20 guarantee. There are companies that charge on a per click-through rate, which could cost thousands per month. Renting a Top 20 position from us is much less expensive. Our internet marketing program will not cost more than $299.00 per month – which Guarantees you at least 5 Top 10 positions – and YOU PAY NOTHING until you move in to your location.


There are a multitude of submission services on the web, but, unless you get a guarantee, don’t waste your money. Internet marketing is a science and our experts have a combined 25 years experience in the field.

Just two years ago, simple techniques such as optimizing your meta tags could put your site in the top 10, NOT anymore. Odds are your competition has already used these internet marketing methods. You can even do most of those strategies on your own. There are websites with free advise and tips on internet marketing . There is also software availible to help you submit your site and optimize your home page. But no matter how hard you try, you will never be guaranteed any top 20 search engine positions.